Making the Web a Better Place with Less Mistakes and Errors

Say Hello to WebCorrector – Video

We released WebCorrector service video overview. Watch it here:

Video Transcription:

Web is the largest subset of the Internet. It has billions pages of different content located across hundred of millions of websites.

High-quality content is the key of success, and it always attracts more people.

But errors or mistakes can happen. Any web content can suffer from simple spelling mistakes, grammar errors, broken links to more serious problems like: posting inappropriate text, offensive images, or wrong, misleading information.

Any kind of content problems are bad for any type of websites. It can damage reputation, make website look unprofessional and poorly managed.

Tracking and correcting those problems as fast as possible is critical, but truth is: it is very hard for anyone to ensure the content they have is completely free of errors.

What if users could help? They can, but today, it is a fairly long and complex task to report any problems: find an error, take a screenshot of the page, edit image to crop or outline a problem, save it, find right person to contact and finally, send him an email with screenshot image hoping it won’t get stuck in his spam. This takes time, and not easy to go thru for most users.

Say hello to WebCorrector! It moves reporting process to the next level, automatically checks content for different types of errors and helps quickly report found problems.

WebCorrector can load any webpage, find and highlight spelling mistakes, inappropriate words, broken links or missing images making those errors easy to locate, correct and report. It allows to select any content problems found on the page, add comments and send them for review.

WebCorrector creates elegant online report with submitted information and automatically generates screenshot of problem area. Report can be sent to content owner by email, thru online contact form or social networks with short URL link.

WebCorrector service can be integrated into any website with JavaScript code or button. It allows to check content for errors and create reports even faster, with a few simple clicks or pressing a keyboard shortcut. Integration helps content owners to receive and review new reports immediately.

WebCorrector allows to find and correct content problems quicker and more efficiently. It helps to improve the Web making it a better place with less mistakes and errors.

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