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Making the Web a Better Place with Less Mistakes and Errors

Startup WebCorrector will help website owners to eliminate content problems

This is a translation of our very first interview about WebCorrector. Originally, it was published in a popular Russian blog about tech startups. Link to the source. From the interview, you can learn more about Sergey Kurdin, the Founder/CTO of WebCorrector, about his work experience and future plans. Discover the story behind WebCorrector, where the idea came from, and why creating WebCorrector system will help the Web to be a better place with less mistakes and errors.

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Say Hello to WebCorrector – Video

We released WebCorrector service video overview. Watch it here:

Video Transcription:

Web is the largest subset of the Internet. It has billions pages of different content located across hundred of millions of websites.

High-quality content is the key of success, and it always attracts more people.

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